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I too am having problems with a taurus. And capricorn and Taurus are very compatible!

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Just doubt my taurus is the right taurus for me. Why is it that there is work related stuff written in the Daily Love Horoscope for Capricorn?? Can you tell anything related to just love and relationships please rather mixing a lot of work related information.. We, Capricorns, are not just a bunch of donkeys who just want to work.. We too have lives and want a reading on just love please..

I am going through a hard phase since March 17th, with my Taurus guy and I really want my guy with me for my entire life.. Please can someone tell me is there anyone who can help me or give me a reading?

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Because as far as i have read in books and online Taurus and Capricorn are actually one of the most compatible in sun signs.. Also, which sun sign is a Donkey, Andar? I am confused!! I know how take care about my man but are you stupid???

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I should be with married man or single man that has mental problem and was under medical and was tricky?!! Iam respectable person. It was my life like this crazy??? Sure I should see where give me more benefit. No improvement for me. I can not continue fuck off same my papa was telling when he was angry. Dear astrologer which value of my partner???

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Before I was living like this. I spend all my money I suffer I came sick ilost my health and my good life and why they send me in this country. No rest stress high pressure low in come poverty. These r gift from my partner Well I donot want this partner. R u crazy???? I am crying bc I get hurt too much from people here and you want be happy and forget??? No way. Dear astrologer You are wrong I am not happy financially sexually mentality.

Regard Capricorn. I am happy bc I am Capricorn lady and so proud of Capricorn ladies. Atleast we are not stupid cheater cheap.

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Happy birthday to Capricorn group. Regard Paris. Boss excuse me where is boss?? I would like to tell him shame on you that you keep with me with low profit and all responsibility on my shoulder. Just headache. Plate number house luxury car and pay for treatment outside country education and what our boss give us??? Poverty and keeping quite. Shame on you.

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  5. I am not feeling well and I am crying too much I fed up from this situation. Where is my benefit??? R you crazy how??? My partner was outside country.

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    I did not meet any person. Enough please give right information. You are wrong. Dear astrologer attention please my guy is far way from me.

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    Hi to all the crapicorns that have texted. Am a libra that is about to get married to a capricorn man, but lately he started acting strange. Hi my name is adewale, your spouse is going through some challenging. Note that, and he does not want to share with you what you will do is to join him in prayer, everything will be fine. Libra energy is extremely flirtatious.

    While you're not above turning on the charm to get what you want professionally, you can't stand such behavior from anyone else. Over the next several weeks, themes of fairness will emerge. If someone is playing you, you'll know it. However, you also need to hold yourself to such universal standards, so avoid behavior that's below you. If there's one thing you understand, it's putting in the work and the time rather than taking shortcuts. Speaking of time, your ruling planet Saturn, which governs time and restrictions, has been retrograde since April.

    In both your professional and personal life, Saturn asks you to be honest. If you can do that, love and money await. However, if you've been going against your grain and putting on a facade, opportunities will pass you by and you risk becoming cynical. When Saturn goes direct on Wednesday, September 18 , it's time to act on the personal realizations you've had over the last six months.

    The next day, Thursday, September 19 , marks an astrological occurrence that only happens once this year. Mars in diligent Virgo trines Pluto, lord of the underworld, in your sign. Despite the deathly connotations, this transit is bursting with luck.

    Ask for what you want and you're likely to get it. Accept what's beyond your control to affect or influence, for now. Focus instead of what is within your ability to change or progress. Options definitely exist. Yesterday Tomorrow Tuesday 8th October A sense of restriction permeating your emotional world might be a source of frustration and also cause moods or feelings to be volatile.

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