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Normally it has been seen the person whom the Venus in Pisces type native loves true heartedly marries some other person. So you can say it is an irony of life where the person is so honest in love that even though the other person has married to someone else the Venus in Pisces type native finds his or her happiness taking the fact that the person whom he or she loves must be happy where ever he or she is in world …. However this Venus in Pisces also indicate that the native may turn into a nun or priest..

Other people may consider this form love as madness or wasting time …they may consider why to waste life for one person …search for another eligible person … Recent Bollywood movie Phillauri , the end part also depicts the same esoteric love where in Anushka Sharma playing role of Shashi meets her true love Roop Lal Phillauri Diljeet Singh after death at Jalia Wala Baugh in Amristsar.

The way they picturized the shot with visual effects is mesmerizing.

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Posted by Moksh. However, there are certain aspects of the existence. Complete comprehension of such things is almost unattainable in the domain of human knowledge.


According to him, the pseudo-science of astrology can only show a person the most fruitful path. However, the final outcome of a course of events always depends upon the path a person actually chooses. One of the most magnificent gemstones, Ruby is a sight for sore eyes. Carved gemstone rubies were admired for attracting prosperity and enhancing mystical powers. Origin of Ruby. The most important sources of rubies are in Asia and Africa.

Historically, Burma now Myanmar was always considered to be the preeminent source of the finest rubies and stones have been found there for over 1, years. Sri Lanka produces the most phenomenal and largest star stones, but the rubies are generally more pinkish than their Burmese counterparts. According to astrologer Sundeep Kochar, rubies can help a person overcome timidity. Since the Sun is the King of the zodiac, wearing a ruby is also known to shower the wearer with immense favors from Lady Luck.

The intriguing world of Gemology: Why Sundeep Kochar pursued a study in gemology from SGL London

The gemstone also helps in improving the eyesight and blood circulation of the wearer. Also, the crimson red color of Ruby promotes love and passion, and is often gifted as a mark of undying love. Blessed with the aura of the Sun, ruby is a powerful gemstone. Hence, it is imperative to wear it following proper rituals. The most favorable time to wear a ruby, according to Sundeep Kochar, is on a Sunday morning within first hour of sunrise.

Yoga and spirituality are more intertwined than we imagine. Celebrity astrologer and life coach Sundeep Kochar shares some insight into the divine connection:. We are running so relentlessly after money that we are losing in the process the most precious things we have — our mind, body and soul. Yoga and spirituality offer a holistic package for a healthy living.

However, both are deeply connected with each other. Sundeep Kochar, who is quite a yoga enthusiast himself, has been actively associated with promoting the art from last few years.

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The event has also garnered an attendance of more than 20, participants from over countries. The celebrity astrologer has been gracing the International Yoga Day Celebrations in Dubai with his hosting skills since last three years. This year he is looking forward to be a part of the event for the fourth time. Kochar, who shares cordial relations with Swami Ramdev, credits the Yoga Guru for popularizing the Indian tradition of Yoga across the globe.

It is a driving force, a motivation for a deeper connection with oneself. The spiritual connection thus formed is what we need today, amid our busy schedules. It imparts the peace that our stressful lives need today. The show was one of the most remarkable achievements of his career, and an instant hit among the audience. It made Kapil Sharma a star overnight. Now, I know people are still divided upon whose fault it was. But from what I have deduced, the controversies that surround Kapil Sharma are just a result of his unfavourable stars.

I happened to meet Kapil Sharma after his show took off. I had studied his horoscope and forewarned him about the unfavourable Shani-Ketu Dasha. My warning turned out to be true. The hardships Kapil Sharma is facing right now are just a part of ups and downs we all go through our lives.

Kapil has a great horoscope. He is going through a turbulent phase right now because of changes in his grahadasha , but everything will be fine soon. Once this phase has passed, he will bounce back and achieve greater success. Kapil Sharma is a man of immense talent. Of course, you would like to dress well and with your ruling planet so well-placed in its sign, you may indulge yourself in buying beautiful clothes for yourself and your family.

This month the focus will also be on your children. This period will be important for your children for some reason. There is only one flaw in otherwise good planetary tide this month, Saturn will not be in supportive mathematical angle. Some tensions among your children or it is possible, you are worrying more about one of your child.

Astrological and Ayurvedic Tips on Getting Pregnant

If, you do not have children but are planning to have, this is the period to consult your doctor. Get your medical tests or begin medical treatment, as suggested by your doctor. Consult your doctor or physician. Coming back to how wonderful this month is for fun and enjoyment, please encircle days—from 9th through 18th, on your calendar.

If, you are invited or planning to throw a party, these are the days when you can have real fun. The month of September will be exciting for you in many ways. Sun, Mars, Venus and mercury will all be looking at your own sign to help you and your ruling planet, Saturn, will also be in beautiful angle to this planetary meet. This is the month to put your plans into action. You have huge support from universe for success.

If, you want new job assignment, new clients or repay old debts, this is the period to do efforts.

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For those Aquarius who are single and looking for a partner or marriage the period, from 1st September through 10th March , is good for you. Whatever happens will be sudden. For those who are married, this period will be good for their spouse. Your spouse may find new work or money source. For Aquarians having problems in marriage need to sort them for good, maybe consult an expert or they can ask someone older and elder in the family to be a mediator and help you resolve tough issues in a mutually agreeable way.

Please mark date-2nd, 14th plus minus 3days on your calendar, these are tough planetary dates for all. With Saturn, the planet of stability, solidly placed in your chart for past 2 years, you have buried your head in your work. Now, in months of September and also October, you are likely to get an exciting work assignment, new business client or project. What lands in your lap will be totally sudden and exciting.

With Sun so powerfully placed at the start of the month, shows the work project you get or business client you get will be prestigious and if done wonderfully, it may elevate your position in your industry.

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Sun and Mars, the two fiery planets, will be talking eye to eye, this means the competition will be severe and with your hard work and ambition, you will manage to knock all competitors down. Not only this client or work project helps elevate your position but may also pay you well. It is possible that you may earn good commission or fee. Some Pisces may alternatively receive exciting news or may have to make sudden travel plans.

Please mark date-2nd, 14th plus minus 3days on your calendar, these are tough planetary dates for all; avoid scheduling important meetings on or near these dates. And also with so much at stake and huge competition, Pisces, nervous tension and anxiety, will come hand in hand and can affect your physical and mental well-being. Do astro-remedies, yoga, walks or meditation for maintaining your cool and calm. Saturn, the planet of serious and mature outlook, is placed in your own sign and Jupiter, your ruling planet, is not favorably placed till end of October.

You feel confused, angry at times and sometimes even in a group or large gathering may feel lonely. To cheer you and energize your luck factor, this month four planets--Mercury, Sun, Venus and Mars, are holding a meet. In month of September and also October many new and sudden events may take you completely by surprise. Nothing you have intended for in the vision may come to pass. Sagittarius, what happens will be something unplanned and unexpected but nice and I may dare to say exciting too.

With Saturn placed in your Sun sign for past two years, you often tried hard to get what you want and need. But now, with Sun placed strongly in month of September, it is the phase full of surprises, there could be times when you no longer have to do something to get it. Whenever you will think everything is under control, something would happen to remind you that the ultimate control is not in your hands.

From 1stSeptember through 9 March, is a good period for those who want to purse higher studies or acquire new skills for career advancement. If, it is not you, it could be your children. Alternatively, you may receive exciting news totally out of blue! You seem to have high expenses but source of income may still be the same.

You or your spouse probably need money for some specific reason. For the same reason, you may apply for a bank loan or mortgage. If you are a student, you may apply for scholarship or university loan. Inheritance, bank loans, scholarship, or other sources of financial assistance will be on your mind. If, someone owes you money, this period of 3 months from 1st September is good to get your money back.

From 1st September through 9thMarch , your spouse, your parents or someone in the family may also help you in ways you never thought would be possible. Hold your breath Capricorn, this period from September through March will be full of exciting surprises for you. Although, 2nd and 14th of September are tough planetary dates for all but for you, 10th through 20thof September, including 14th of September is good for money and family. You can spend quality time with your family and friends too. Librans, from the month of August through February , professionally you have entered an important phase.

You will be taking important career decisions in this period. Interestingly, from month of September, focus will still remain on professional growth, and add to that, you will try to find ways to increase your income or find new source of income. You have Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus, your ruling planet, to help you in your endeavors. Sudden events, meetings, totally unexpected turn of events may take you by surprise.

Whatever happens in next 5 months will be beyond your planning or expectation. Saturn, the planet of stability, will also give its blessings. At work, there may be few restructuring or changes within your organization. Someone senior at work will help you.

You may feel restless for you have worked hard and this wait may trouble you but being overanxious or being in panic mode may only bring problems. Doing meditation, yoga, or being involved in religious or spiritual activities may help dissolve anxiety and stress.