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In order to make this unlikely pairing work, Libra needs to learn to appreciate a less extravagant lifestyle and Capricorn must find other ways to show her affection. A pairing with a Scorpio man can work well if both parties learn to communicate openly and honestly. This means that the stoic Capricorn woman needs to get in touch with her feminine side and be willing to show some vulnerability. If this can be accomplished, the rest should be a breeze.

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The Goat and the Scorpion share similar values and lifestyles, and are sexually compatible. A solid long-term connection could be in the cards here. This is another example of a coupling that flourishes only if each party is willing to work at it. Capricorn and the Sagittarius man have vastly different values and lifestyles that more often conflict than complement.

Sagittarius is a born optimist, while Capricorn is a realist who borders on pessimism.

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Instead, Capricorn women can easily drag their Sagittarian partners into the murky waters of their despair. Although same-sign matches rarely work well, Capricorn women can find love with a fellow Goat. A fellow Capricorn also shares the same financial maturity and desire for long-term life goals. Values, social styles and lifestyle choices are too conflicting to make a match with the Water-bearer worth all the effort. Stop trying to cultivate romance and consider tackling a work project together instead.

While Capricorn and a Pisces man definitely seem the odd couple, these signs can complement one another quite nicely.

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If this pairing is going to work, Capricorn needs to show the needy Pisces attention and affection. However, the Fish is one of the only signs that can truly keep up with the Capricorn woman in the bedroom, which is reason enough to work at this unlikely matchup.

Even so, finding love this day in age is no easy task, but consulting a psychic for valuable love advice can often be the answer. Psychic Readings. All Horoscopes.

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    Spiritual Advice Articles. You're more of a leader than a joiner, but over the next three weeks, you'll relish being part of a worthy cause. Heart-centered Venus is lighting up your civic eleventh house With your ruler, disciplined Saturn, preparing to wrap up a three-year march through your sign, Not only is the Sun in Serious Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of tough lessons and wisdom.

    Accustomed to regular butt-kickings from Saturn, you often see life as an uphill battle, with the ultimate reward arriving only through suffering and sacrifice. If you're her friend, she'll have your back through thick and thin, and will always be there for you to lean on. However, she can also quickly cut you lose if you disrespect her.

    Capricorn Daily Horoscope

    Hurt a Capricorn woman, and she can be unforgiving, and no amount of apologizing or trying to right the wrong will restore her trust in you. A Capricorn cares about how she is perceived by other people and takes pride in how she looks. She has an earthy but ultra-feminine appearance. She dresses conservatively, appropriate for the occasion, personifies grace, has flawless etiquette , and a charismatic disposition.

    She's a woman who keeps her act straight, whether in public or private. A Capricorn woman radiates strength, has an authoritative voice, and a serious "do-or-die" demeanor that instills others with confidence in her abilities.

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    Behind a Capricorn woman's tough, self-sufficient exterior is the soft, protected heart of a woman who needs to feel loved, cared for, and respected. Love is not a game for her, she knows what she wants and won't waste her time with or settle for anything less.

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    Her goal is to build a lasting relationship, and when she finds someone who's strong and confident enough in themselves to let her be herself, she's all in, and entirely committed through good times and bad. She's a physically sexual woman, who's very demanding of herself in the bedroom. In bed, as in everything else, a Capricorn woman is all about working hard and reaping the rewards.

    She may appear to be reserved in every other aspect of her life, but in bed, she's an earthy, sensual, and passionate woman, who's lusty and fearless. Marriage and motherhood soften a Capricorn woman. She makes a good wife and an even better mother. She's maternal and knows how to love and create a warm household and family life.